Don’t let diabetes stand in the way of motherhood

Could your diabetes be affecting your chances of growing a little one?

Did you know that women with diabetes are three times more likely to have trouble conceiving?

I know this can be quite confronting… But it shows us how important it is to manage diabetes prior to pregnancy to give your bub the best chance to thrive.

Did you know that specific dietary adjustments may significantly improve your fertility and chances of starting a family?

Addressing your diet is a great place to begin your pregnancy journey.

As you know, diabetes is a complex condition, which impacts more than just your sugar intake… So, what’s going on?

Insulin is the superstar hormone that allows your body to use carbohydrates from food for energy. These include the good old carbs you consume from bread, cereals, fruit, milk, sugar and many more. In the case of diabetes, for one reason or another, insulin is unable to get the job done.

So, what does this mean for your pregnancy journey?

Basically, the unregulated levels of insulin in your body can have a negative impact upon the regularity of your menstrual cycle, which can make it very difficult to conceive.

In addition to this, type 2 diabetes is often associated with excess body fat, which can have an effect on the health of your eggs.

It may seem like starting your own family is going to be an extremely challenging task, however, there is amazing news for you. With dietary assistance from a specialist fertility dietitian, you will be provided with a personalised meal plan and specific dietary advice tailored for your very own needs.

So, what should you do?

Take these 4 steps:

  • Start trying to conceive sooner rather than later, as it may take you a little longer to conceive than your girlfriends.
  • Make an appointment with a fertility dietitian to help you improve your nutrition and glucose levels before you conceive. (Your glucose levels will go crazy once you conceive so it’s ideal if you have this under control as early as possible).
  • Take extra folate. With diabetes you will need more folic acid than usual prenatal multivitamins will provide. Ask your dietitian which supplements you should take.
  • Optimise your body fat levels as much as possible. If you’re overweight, even a 5% weight loss can improve your fertility. Make sure you’re doing this in a healthy way.

For more tips about conceiving with diabetes, watch ‘Can diabetes affect fertility?’, and book your consultation with a specialist fertility dietitian today.