Your Nutrition Assesment is an assessment undertaken by an Accredited Practising Dietitian that will enable us to calculate exactly what your individual requirements are so that all advice can be personalised to your unique needs. We don't just provide a quick-fix band-aid solution, we undertake a thorough investigation then work on the root causes to achieve long-term, sustainable results. 


We usually undertake: 


  • a review of your medical conditions,

  • a review of your biochemistry (blood tests),

  • a review your medications and supplements,

  • a body composition analysis,

  • comprehensive dietary assessment,

  • a lifestyle assessment,

  • an assessment of your goals, and

  • your individually-tailored program plan.


Please bring any medications, nutritional supplements or blood test results that you have to this appointment. We will also send a copy of this report to all of your doctors, so that they are aware of our treatment plans, so please bring their contact details to the appointment with you.


 It is also beneficial if you can record what you eat each day for a few days before your consultation.