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Introducing your highly qualified and medically experienced Nutrition Plus team of experts specialising in fertility, pregnancy and women’s health.


Judith Alexander

Melanie McGrice

Specialising in fertility & pregnancy

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Janice Gonzalez

Sally Marchini

Specialising in diabetes & gluten free diets for fertility 

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Christina Jenkins

Rachel Jeffery

Specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Endometriosis 

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Carlos Sato

Claire Ward

Specialising in fertility & prenatal nutrition post bariatric surgery

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Ann Wilson

Kayla Dodd

Specialising in pregnancy & gestational diabetes

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Kathlene Don Paul.jpg

Kathlene Don Paul

Specialising in weight management during pregnancy 

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Elizabeth Hammell.jpg

Elizabeth Hammell

Specialising in Assisted Reproductive Therapies & endometriosis

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Nicole - head shot.jpg

Nicole Moroney

Specialising in fertility & pregnancy

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jo guy.jpg

Joanna Guy

Specialising in pregnancy & postpartum care

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head shot.jpg

Leah Stjernqvist

Specialising in hormonal disturbances such as PCOS

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Laura Vincent.jpg

Laura Vincent

Specialising in fertility, endometriosis & pregnancy

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Larissa Telfer.JPG

Larissa Telfer

Specialising in diabetes when trying to conceive & during pregnancy

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Maria Andonopoulos.jpg

Maria Andonopoulos

Specialising in weight management, fertility, pregnancy & allergies

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Wendy - head shot.jpg

Wendy Fedele

Specialising in pregnancy & postnatal nutrition

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catherine head shot.jpg

Catherine Chong

Specialising in prenatal nutrition & postpartum care

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Stacy Morgan.jpg

Stacy Morgan

Specialising in women’s health & PCOS

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Melinda photo.jpg

Melinda Braithwaite

Specialising in paediatric gut health & allergies

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Headshot Stefanie.PNG

Stefanie Valakas

Specialising in PCOS and fertility & the Mediterranean Diet

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Christie Austin-Hore

Specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome & FODMAPs

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Amara Lindenmayer

Specialising in diabetes, fertility & pregnancy nutrition

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Emma Caldwell

Specialising in pregnancy & postnatal nutrition

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Jenny head shot.jpg

Jenny Jacobs

Specialising in disordered eating, PCOS & women’s health

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Voula Koufariotis

Specialising in weight management for fertility

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Leeanne Azzoparadi

Specialising in diabetes & weight management

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Ebony Crameri

Specialising in fertility, PCOS & endometriosis

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Melissa head shot 2.jpg

Melissa Matheson

Specialising in fertility, pregnancy & Female Athlete Triad

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claudia head shot.jpeg

Claudia Vavasour

Specialising in fertility, pregnancy & women’s health

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Amy McKelvey

Client Satisfaction specialist

If you require additional assistance, or have a concern with any part of your care, please contact Amy.


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